391. It’s good weather for football.
392. It’s very crispu and cool.
393. It’s going to get cold fast.
394. This spring there is supposedv to be a cold spell.
395. We had a lot of rain this winter though.
396. It’s blazingw hot outside.
397. With all this moisturex, it feels very muggyy outside.
398. It’s raining pretty hard right now.
399. It’s starting to snow outside.
400.4 Some of the streets are almost flooded with rain.
401. It’s freezingz outside.
402. It’s a little bit chilly out.
403. The air is warm, but there’s a nice breeze{.
404. This morning is cooler than expected.
405. It will get warmer as the day goes by.

1. crisp: không khí mát lạnh
2. suppose: Cho là; tin rằng; nghĩ rằng
3. blazing: Nóng rực- a blazing hot day : một ngày nóng như thiêu như đốt
4. moisture: độ ẩm
5. muggy: Nồm ấm, oi bức
6. freezing: Giá lạnh, băng giá
7. breeze: Thổi nhẹ