421. I’m looking for 524 Marylandu Avenuev.
422. It’s about one mile over that way.
423. Could you tell me how to get there?
424. For how long should I walk?
425. Then you take a right on Fulton.
426. What’s the fastest way to Belton Street?
427. Do you know how to get to the stadiumw?
428. Is there a road with less traffic on it?
429. My house is two doors down from the Post Office.
430. The bus stationx will be on your left.
431. Which way is north?
432. Is this the way to the police station?
433. What street is this?
434. Do you know where the zoo is?
435. Is this the east gate of the park?

1. Maryland
2. avenue: đại lộ, đường
3. stadium: sân vận động
4. station: nhà ga